The Effect of IXL on Math Fluency in an Urban 3rd Grade Classroom

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Ashley Albrinck Clara Hartman Heidi Kloos


By Ashley Albrinck, Psychology; Clara Hartman, psychology

Advisor: Heidi Kloos

Presentation ID: PM_C02

Abstract: There is a crisis in urban elementary schools, which typically yield below average math test scores. With our lab's expertise in math learning, we chose to collaborate and create an intervention based both at school and at home with an urban school that gives the students the ability to choose the problems they want to work on through an adaptive learning website, IXL. The students, a group of 3rd graders at an urban elementary school, took a math fluency assessment to measure their abilities at the beginning and end of the intervention. IXL was used, with the help of an adjustable curriculum and small group attention, in which a researcher worked closely with two or three students throughout the intervention to individualize and improve their math skills and math fluency. The pre-assessment scores showed that the students on average tested below grade level, whereas the post test scores were on average at grade level. There was large improvement from pre and post test in math fluency, meaning the usage of the technology not only at school in small group settings, but also at home, and the help of the adjustable curriculum, aided students in furthering their math knowledge and understanding.

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