The use of nurse residency programs in aiding the transition from new grad to RN

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Brooke Klinko Autumn Ratliff Katie Hamilton Richard Prior


By Brooke Klinko, Nursing; Autumn Ratliff, Nursing; Katie Hamilton, Nursing

Advisor: Richard Prior

Presentation ID: PM_C16

Abstract: Although new graduate nursing students are aware of the existence of nurse residency and mentorship programs, little is known about the effects of these programs. The purpose of our educational project was to provide new graduate nursing students information about the outcomes of nurse residency and mentorship programs. To teach the students, a PowerPoint presentation was created with information on the effects these programs have on nursing students, nursing preceptors, and health care organizations. The audience gained more knowledge about the outcomes of such programs, as evidence by a post-presentation evaluation. The students are now more prepared to make a decision regarding whether to participate in nurse residency or mentorship programs after graduation.

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