Stress Management Strategies for College Nursing Students

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Kellie Leonard Anna Coman Joseph Perazzo


By Kellie Leonard, Nursing; Anna Coman, Nursing

Advisor: Joseph Perazzo

Presentation ID: PM_C18

Abstract: "Nursing students who are exposed to negative effects of stress are unable to benefit from their education at an expected level and stress hinders them from becoming qualified health care implementers of the future" (Dogan & Senturk 2018). There is a need for college students to understand the impact stress has on their bodies and educational experience. The development and implementation of interventions to reduce stress are valuable in order to maximize the potential of each student. An educational session was presented to third year nursing students regarding the effects of stress. In addition, effective interventions were discussed and demonstrated in an effort to actively teach the students stress reduction. Prior to this educational session students did not have a base of effective interventions to reduce and cope with stress. Following this session, their knowledge of these interventions was significantly improved.

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