Incidence, Prevalence, and Prevention of ICU Delirium

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Emma Rosenbaum Elaine Waters Myrna Little


By Emma Rosenbaum, Nursing; Elaine Waters, Nursing

Advisor: Myrna Little

Presentation ID: PM_C19

Abstract: ICU delirium is currently under recognized and undertreated, which can lead to poor patient outcomes and increased mortality. Increased understanding, early detection, and knowledge of treatments can benefit both future nurses and their patients. An education project was developed to educate junior nursing students on the importance of ICU delirium, including signs and symptoms, risk factors, and early interventions. Three case studies were included to enhance their understanding of assessment tools used to detect delirium early. A post-test was given utilizing NCLEX style questions to evaluate didactic learning. A Likert scale was used to evaluate quality of the learning and presentation.

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