Chemiluminescence Detection of Luminol in Biological Systems

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Hanna Sorensen Peng Zhang


By Hanna Sorensen, Chemistry

Advisor: Peng Zhang

Presentation ID: PM_D09

Abstract: Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are reactive molecules and free radicals derived from molecular oxygen that have delirious effects on many biological systems. Detection of ROS can be monitored by the chemiluminescence (CL) of luminol, however, the oxidation of luminol increases with pH and has optimal CL properties in basic environments unlike biological systems. We introduce a method for CL of luminol and its capability for use in biological systems at a neutral pH. We synthesized luminol conjugated magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) to make the luminol soluble at neutral pH while still maintaining its chemiluminescent properties. MNPs were used as an efficient method for reaction separation and catalysis of the CL reaction of luminol. To conjugate luminol to the MNPs system, the particles were coated with silica- providing free hydroxyl groups for amide bond formation.

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