Cavitation enhancement increases the efficiency and consistency of sonication for applications in drug discovery and patient diagnostics

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Bryana Robinson Samantha Pattenden


By Bryana Robinson, Neuroscience (concentration in Neurobiology)

Advisor: Samantha Pattenden

Presentation ID: PM_D21

Abstract: Personalized medicine is a heavily sought after commodity. Indispensable contextually, the traditional approaches to diagnostics and patient treatment bears a burden financially to the institution and the family of the patient. We have established a patented cavitation reagent that enhances sonication to increase the efficiency of assays to aid in drug discovery and patient diagnostics. Upon cavitation of these perfluorocarbon-containing nanodroplets the pressure released from the activation via ultrasound is fundamental for creating more efficient and consistent fragmentation. Sonicating is specifically taking place in the Q-Sonica and the Covaris. These machines shear the genomic deoxyribonucleic acid (gDNA) resulting in the conversion of acoustic energy to mechanical energy. A process that fundamentally takes days and is successive, essentially now takes minutes and multitudinous. Therefore making the concept of personalized medicine more viable. Production of consistent fragmentation in a 96 well plate, would quantitatively exceed traditional methods of sonication. We postulate more samples of gDNA and chromatin can be sonicated with the same efficiency. It would be premised more suitable and efficient method for gDNA and chromatin fragmentation for downstream assays such as formaldehyde-assisted isolation of regulatory elements (FAIRE), a chemical method that investigates open chromosome regions as a high-throughput assay. Further analysis will reinforce this rejuvenated approach to diagnostics for a plethora of samples, making it more efficient and affordable method, aiding in the enhanced accessibility and treatment of the patients due to being able to conduct the necessary testing. Furthermore, pharmaceuticals will attain the capability

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