Accessibility Application Using Biosensor Data

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Jihad Khan Kyle Oliver Sean Wu


By Jihad Khan, Computer Engineering; Kyle Oliver, Computer Science

Advisor: Sean Wu

Presentation ID: PM_D30

Abstract: Our project is an application that helps narcoleptic patients stay awake. Using EEG data from a wearable device, our application performs various analysis tasks to make conclusions on the patient's state. When the application senses a change in brain activity that corresponds to falling asleep or drifting off, the patient will be automatically alerted via phone. This way, narcoleptic patients will have a system to ensure they are safely conscious. Currently, we are focusing on narcoleptic symptoms, due to the clear change in brain activity that occurs. In the future, we hope that other behaviors can be detected and acted upon with the use and analysis of biosensor data, specifically EEG data.

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