Identity and Diaspora : Practices of Migration, Religion, Ethnicity & Culture in South Asia.

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Prateek Srivastava Megan Lamkin


By Prateek Srivastava, International Affairs, Journalism

Advisor: Megan Lamkin

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Abstract: Identity and Diaspora discuss about five different ethnic crisis and violence in Asia. These communities and cases are not only lesser known but also are examples of grave violence, discrimination, and migrations. These cases deal with identity such as race, religion, color and gender and how these identities have triggered certain violence and policies within Asia. The author emphasizes understanding different aspects, like religious and racial animosity, constitutional negligence and strategic violence, ethnic discrimination, among these cases. In five chapters, the author discusses the case of Burmese Indians, Muslims in Sri Lanka, Nepalese in Bhutan, Indophobia, Assam-Bengali crisis. In this accessible and student-friendly book, author Prateek Srivastava focuses on discussing certain aspects of migration and identity crises, which happened on a low scale or were lesser known. The author also discusses the policies followed by these countries/governments and how international communities and policymakers can prepare for any such kind of crisis or event that may happen in future. These cases are described after extensive research and can act as a framework to understand the perspectives of countries, governments, and regimes for any future practice of such kinds.

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