Identity at the Threshold: An Exploration of Queer Identity through the Celebration of Threshold

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Jacob Didier Edson Cabalfin


By Jacob Didier, Interior Design

Advisor: Edson Cabalfin

Presentation ID: Room417_3

Abstract: "Identity at the Threshold" is an exploration of queer identity and history through an educational, experiential exhibition. Whether one is examining the expression of individuals, or the expressions of space, identity is communicated across and through a threshold. "Identity at the Threshold" is a proposed exhibition, brought to life through sequential, controlled procession through thresholds. These thresholds serve to both conceal and reveal the relatively unspoken history of the development and evolution of queer identity. The exhibition takes guests through thematic galleries of queer history and culture from the mid-1800s, to today, and ultimately promotes visitors to question the implications of societal controls on present and future identity expression.

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Podium Presentation -- Room 417 -- People & Place