Food Access Policies of the EU

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Vanessa Mccoy Michele Vialet


By Vanessa Mccoy, Communication, Sociology

Advisor: Michele Vialet

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Abstract: Malnutrition is becoming an increasing concern all around the world but particularly in the United States. By looking at food access policies of the European Union this project explores how access to healthy, nutritious food impacts malnutrition epidemics. Previous research has found that the majority of the malnourished population in the United States usually have none or very little access to healthy food options. This project is a continuation of previous research in food security in the United states and evaluates the consequences of inadequate or uncertain access to a healthy food supply. The European Union is an interesting experiment to evaluate because of the prevalence of undernourishment in such a well-developed territory. This research explores this phenomenon and its ties to historical events and societal inequalities.

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