Sustainable Water Development in the EU

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Bethany Caspersz Michele Vialet


By Bethany Caspersz, Environmental Engineering

Advisor: Michele Vialet

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Abstract: In 2015, water crises were ranked a top global economic risk. Water scarcity currently affects more than 40% of the global population. Over 1.7 billion people currently live in areas where water use exceeds recharge. Three in ten people lack access to safely-managed drinking water services. The main reason water quality is compromised caused by lack of sanitation facilities and industry wastewater directly dumped into rivers or the sea without any pollution removal. My project "Sustainable Water Development in the EU," focuses on the actions the European Union member states is currently taking in managing water resource. I also examine the EU's policies, goals, and implementation practices. Part of this project is to compare the United States, France, and South Africa in water management. Due to drought, Cape Town in South Africa came threateningly close to shutting off water supplies to its citizens. The comparative approach allows for a better understanding of how the three regions' awareness, actions or policies, and goals have laid foundations for a more sustainable development in water resource management.

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