The "New" Psychology of Waiting in Understanding Patient (Dis)Satisfaction

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Seung-min Ko Dong-gil Ko


By Seung-min Ko, Psychology

Advisor: Dong-gil Ko

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Abstract: There are many reports that highlight the importance of waiting time as a key determinant in affecting patient satisfaction and even selecting a health care provider. With an ever-growing physician reviews available through social media websites, patients are taking greater control in managing their health care. This publicly-available information raises many concerns for physicians as unfavorable reviews can have lasting consequences. Therefore, my undergraduate research examines whether waiting time affects patient satisfaction, and what mechanisms might be available to physicians for managing the negative affects created by waiting time. The results of a hierarchical regression analysis reveal a significant negative relationship between waiting time and patient satisfaction, and that pre- and post-visit activities moderate this relationship. I apply the psychology of waiting theoretical framework to explain the use of traditional mechanisms to manage the perception of waiting time (such as magazines or movies in the lobby to occupy time) is no longer enough; rather, a "new" approach to managing patients' expectations around waiting time may lead to improved patient satisfaction.


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