Risk Management Regarding Scope of Practice for Healthcare Providers and Students Abroad


Amanda Lowe
Lily Marrero
Kelsey Hillard
Garret Aini
Nicole Holtz
Andrew Cunningham
Abigail Peters
Emily Spengler
Kate York


By Amanda Lowe, Nursing; Lily Marrero , Nursing; Kelsey Hillard, nan; Garret Aini, nan; Nicole Holtz, nan; Andrew Cunningham, nan; Abigail Peters, nan; Emily Spengler, nan

Advisor: Kate York

Abstract: Individuals participating in international healthcare experiences are seldom aware of the issues associated with scope of practice and risk management while practicing abroad. Thus, a need for comprehensive and effective pre-departure education regarding these subjects was identified. Primary evidence included pre- and post-travel surveys conducted during travel with a global medical brigade in conjunction with Village Life Outreach Project (a coalition of the University of Cincinnati and UC Health) in order to gather information from healthcare professionals who have traveled to Tanzania. They were asked about their experiences and knowledge gained in regard to their scope of practice and general risk management. Through the use of interactive modules based on the gathered primary and secondary evidence, this project focuses on education for members of the healthcare profession about scopes of practice based on their fields and specialties. The consequences, risks, and ethical dilemmas that come with practicing outside of one's scope while abroad will also be covered in the modules. These modules will be evaluated by healthcare and risk management professionals and subsequently adjusted based on the feedback that was received. Results will become available after primary evidence is obtained through travel surveys and educational module evaluations from healthcare and risk management professionals.


Classic Poster (1:00-3:00 PM)