Communicating vital aspects of cybersecurity in the nonprofit sector


Sabre Campbell
Taylor Mock
Claire Pazynski
Michael Sharp


By Sabre Campbell, Communication; Taylor Mock, Communication; Claire Pazynski, Communication

Advisor: Michael Sharp

Abstract: City Gospel Mission is a nonprofit organization in Cincinnati working to reduce homelessness and poverty. We are working with City Gospel Mission to aid in the communication process of informing staff and participants of the dos and don'ts of their online processes. Working with the IT manager of City Gospel Mission, we are creating a newsletter that will be shared monthly to effectively communicate why cybersecurity protocols are important, the implications if they are not met, and how the individual can ensure that they are. It is crucial that information regarding the stakeholders and donators of City Gospel Mission remains secure to ensure their trust and the continuation of their services. This remains true for the entirety of the nonprofit sector. Our process of researching and relaying information, ideally, can be successfully reinstated in other contexts as well.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)