The Impact of Higher Education Structure on Socioeconomic Inequality


Daniel Posmik
Keshar Ghimire


By Daniel Posmik, Economics and Business Analytics with a Mathematics Minor

Advisor: Keshar Ghimire

Abstract: Higher Education in the United States is facing a crisis. Rising tuition rates, weakened government support, and administrative spending have made post-secondary education inaccesible for many population groups. In an attempt to dissect the root of these developments, this research analyzes the financialization trend in higher education from a structural perspective. The main focus is characterizing and evaluating the market structure within the higher education industry. These findings will then be tied to the general development of socioeconomic inequality in this country. The purpose of the research is to unveil a strong link between higher education accessibility and socioeconomic inequality with the help of qualitative and quantitative data.


Classic Podium (9:45-11:45 AM)