Why Indiviuals in proverty do not access social services:Barries and Reason


Shamika Heidelburg
Anjanette Well


By Shamika Heidelburg, social work

Advisor: Anjanette Well

Abstract: Individuals are not accessing additional services available to them.The propose of this research study, is to identify the barriers as to why individuals are not accessing those social services. The data will be collected with clients in proverty at Valley interfaith community resource center. The survey will include 10 to 12 clients who are facing emergency crisis.In conclusion of this study, I expect to gain insight into the knowledge of the social services the clients are aware of, increase their knowledge/ awareness on the social services available to them and to identify the barriers as to why they are not accessing them. This study is expected to improve clients access to social services at this agency.


Classic Poster (1:00-3:00 PM)