Assessments to Ecological and Economic Functions of City Parks in Hamilton County, Ohio, Based on InVEST Models


Yuhe Gao
Susanna Tong


By Yuhe Gao, Geography

Advisor: Susanna Tong

Abstract: The role of city parks becomes more important in this crowding society, especially for habitat reserving and recreation activities. This research focuses on ecological and economic functions of city parks. Habitat quality for Woodpeckers and passage flow volume for recreation are the main objects, applied Habitat Quality Model and Recreation Model from InVEST respectively. According to the different land-use types, the study area can be split into habitats or threats, various in sensitivity. Altitude, road density, edge effect, etc. are also analyzed as threats. Predictive maps of habitat degradation and quality are conducted from the existing threats. Trails, benches, reaction area, waterbody, parks coverage, etc. are considered contributing to visitors' presence. With the visitors' flow as the dependent variable, a regression model involving potential factors is concluded to explore the relationships. Maps point out the degrading trend that gives an attention notice, and the regression model provides the reference to get more profits. We believe city parks will find some inspiration to take the development in the future from this study.


Classic Poster (1:00-3:00 PM)