Identifying Sexual Abuse in Children and Teens in School


Jessica Winkle
Abby Horning
Jessica Young
Victoria Rooney
Carolyn Smith


By Jessica Winkle, Nursing; Abby Horning, Nursing; Jessica Young, nan; Victoria Rooney, University of Cincinnati

Advisor: Carolyn Smith

Abstract: A recent research study found that 65.3% of teachers who are employed in preschools, elementary schools, high schools, and centers for professional training have never received education about identifying and reporting sexual abuse. The purpose of our educational project is to train teachers in an early childhood school setting about recognizing and reporting sexual abuse and to provide a tool that they can keep for long-term knowledge of signs and symptoms that children may show. We will conduct a twenty-minute educational session paired with a pamphlet and a post-education survey. It will include information on the prevalence of sexual abuse, at-risk populations, emotional and physical signs of abuse, and how to take action when abuse is suspected. After providing the educational session, we will conduct an in-person digital survey to evaluate effectiveness of our education session. Evaluation results will be analyzed and presented along with main conclusions of this project.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)