Prevention Techniques for Rejection in Pediatric Transplant Patients


Allie Robbins
Kayla Rolfes
Katie Bercz
Nicole Barger
Zachary Bryant
Morgan Radcliff
Deborah Schwytzer


By Allie Robbins, Nursing; Kayla Rolfes, Nursing; Katie Bercz, Nursing; Nicole Barger, University of Cincinnati; Zachary Bryant, University of Cincinnati; Morgan Radcliff, University of Cincinnati

Advisor: Deborah Schwytzer

Abstract: Currently in the United States, transplant rejection in the pediatric population is highly prevalent thus requiring a strict regimen in preventing complications. The purpose of this evidence-based Capstone project is to educate undergraduate students from the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing during their pediatric rotation about the importance of preventing transplant rejection in the pediatric population. We plan to achieve this through education on post-transplant responsibilities and anti-rejection techniques. Our main objective is to teach the students about; the importance of timely anti-rejection medication administration, patient and family education about medication adherence, protective isolation precautions, and diet with lifestyle management. We created a pre and post-presentation quiz composed of four questions each to test the effectiveness of our teaching. There will be an educational PowerPoint lecture with various images included within the teaching. Lastly, we will conclude with a short handout that highlights and re-emphasizes the main topics of the presentation. The education session is scheduled for April 1st, 2020. The results of the pre and post quiz as well as the overall teaching was successful in educating students on the predetermined learning objectives. Student responses, twelve in total, showed evidence of learning from pre to post-quiz based on the increase in the percentage of students that got the answers correct.


Classic Poster (9:45-11:45 AM)