Characteristics of IPV Incidents: Are There Differences between Perpetrators with a History of Substance Abuse and Those Without?

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Heather Schwarzman
Michelle Wojcik
Batya Rubenstein
Bonnie Fisher
Valerie Anderson


By Heather Schwarzman, Criminal Justice and Psychology; Michelle Wojcik, Univerity of Cincinnati; Batya Rubenstein, University of Cincinnati; Bonnie Fisher, University of Cincinnati; Valerie Anderson, University of Cincinnati

Advisors: Bonnie Fisher, Valerie Anderson

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Abstract: Researchers have well established a positive relationship between substance abuse and intimate partner violence (IPV) perpetration (Golinelli, D., Longshore, D., & Wenzel, S. L., 2009). Little is known, however, about whether the characteristics of IPV incidents involving those who have a history of substance abuse differ from those without a history of substance abuse. The aim of the current study is to fill this gap. Using domestic violence calls for services to the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) from August 2018 to January 2020 and information collected by victim advocates after arriving once the scene has been secured, this study will compare characteristics of IPV incidents (e.g., weapon presence, injury reported) perpetrators with and without a history of substance. A Crosstabulation Test of Independence will be used to determine if statistically significant differences exist at the 0.05 level. Results of this study can help inform prevention and intervention efforts with victims and perpetrators of IPV.


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Category: Health and Well-Being