The Effect of Institutional Aid on International Student Enrollment

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Daniel Posmik
Michael Jones


By Daniel Posmik, Economics, Data Analytics, Mathematics Minor

Advisor: Michael Jones

Awards: Capstone Competition: Competitor

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Abstract: [Important Note: Findings are not complete yet, therefore abstract will be changed accordingly] Political divisiveness, immigration hurdles, and an unfavorable job market have led to a decrease in international student enrollment at U.S. postsecondary institutions. In an attempt to examine potential enrollment incentives, I examine the effect of institutional aid on undergraduate international student enrollment. Using a fixed-effect model with merged Common Data Set and IPEDS data, my sample consists of Title IV institutions in the midwest region. I find both the number and amount of monies awarded to international students to be statistically significant, relative to total costs. Moreover, the relative allocation of total aid for international students is important. More granular analysis shows that large, and/or public institutions experience a stronger enrollment change for aid awarded than small, private, and/or name-brand universities.

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