Improving Care Strategies for Substance Abuse in Pregnant Women

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Alyssa Amato
Lindsey Rich
Anna Hamilton
Paige Bennett
Nicholas VanSant
Paul Lewis
Angel Cook


By Alyssa Amato, Nursing; Lindsey Rich, Nursing; Anna Hamilton, Nursing; Paige Bennett, Nursing; Nicholas VanSant, Nursing; Paul Lewis, University of Cincinnti

Advisor: Angel Cook

Awards: Presenter Award: Excellence in Research Communication

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Abstract: Nationwide, the United States has seen a drastic increase in opioid use in pregnancy from roughly 1.5 cases every 1000 deliveries to an astounding 6.5. Since 1999, the number of women using opioids during pregnancy has risen by 4 times and is currently the highest it's ever been. In addition, according to the CDC, there has been a 2.1% increase of alcohol use among pregnant women from 2011 to 2018 which poses a major risk among pregnant women and their children in the US. The purpose of our project is to teach nurses who care for pregnant women at risk for substance abuse effective care strategies that encapsulate the entire woman through women-centered services as well as inform them of women-centered resources found in the local community. Through extensive research, we have gathered information on how women-centered care can better treat pregnant women who are addicted to drugs during their pregnancy. It is important that we educate OB nurses on the proper screening for substance abuse, how women-centered care can lessen relapse rates, and educate on local resources that can be found closeby. We will be conducting a fifteen minute powerpoint to present to nurses who care for this specific population, followed by giving handouts that provide effective care strategies and local resources. We will provide both a pre and post tests to measure how effective the educational presentation was and whether or not the special points were retained. While we gather our research, our conclusion is still in progress.

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