Inner-City, Low-Income Residents Affected by Gun Violence in the Greater Cincinnati Area

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Cailyn Kleisinger
Gary Dick


By Cailyn Kleisinger, Social Work

Advisor: Gary Dick

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Abstract: As of December 29th, 2020 more than 450 shootings have taken place in Cincinnati, Ohio for the year of 2020 which is 100+ more than 2019. More than 80 individuals have succumbed from injuries of Homicide. As of December 29th, 2020 381 non fatal shootings have occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio. There have been 81 fatal shootings so far in 2020. To look back at the history of fatal shootings in Cincinnati, Ohio I would include that 2019 has 59, 2018 has 51, 2017 has 59, and 2016 has 52. I plan to survey 100+ participants ranging from ages of 19-69 years old, some being residents of the community and some just being visitors. Comparing year-to-date numbers, homicides in Cincinnati have increased nearly 65% over last year. On a national level, men are much more likely to be killed by gun violence than anyone else in the US. men accounted for more than 85% of gun deaths in the United States. The purpose of the Research is to understand how the community of low income inner city areas of greater Cincinnati feel about gun violence that is currently high in their neighborhood. By speaking to a variety of inner city low income residents affected by gun violence in the Greater Cincinnati Area we can allow them to speak up and as social workers we can then advocate for the community members as well as be a support system for them and give them our resources for assistance.

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