Improving Adherence to COVID-19 Precautions among Future Healthcare Professionals

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Megan Lacanilao
Renee Branson
Renee Branson
Will Hartkemeyer
Max Bishop
Tanner Bowman
Jeanine Goodin


By Megan Lacanilao, Nursing; Renee Branson, Nursing; Renee Branson, Nursing; Will Hartkemeyer, Nursing; Max Bishop, Nursing; Tanner Bowman, Nursing

Advisor: Jeanine Goodin

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Abstract: Worldwide, COVID-19 is attributed to 114 million cases and 2.54 million deaths since January 2020. The purpose of our educational project is to educate future healthcare professionals about the benefits of social distancing, effectively wearing masks, and receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations in hopes of decreasing the transmission rate of COVID-19. In addition, we want to measure willingness to adhere to these current guidelines. We will conduct an educational presentation in which we will emphasize the benefits of the current guidelines in hopes of improving adherence. We will measure results with a test given prior to the presentation and a test given after the presentation. The pre-test and post-test will be used to measure the knowledge and effectiveness of our presentation to improve willingness to adhere to current recommended guidelines. The results and conclusion from our presentation are still pending at this time.

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Category: COVID-19 Impacts and Innovations