Listen Up Ladies: A Quick Guide to Intimate Partner Violence, Your Risks as a Victim and a Perpetrator 

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Kathleen Slaven
Arielle Keller
Becka Hornbeck
Teresa Kinder
Kayla Nort
Paul Lewis


By Kathleen Slaven, Nursing; Arielle Keller, Nursing; Becka Hornbeck, Nursing; Teresa Kinder, Nursing; Kayla Nort, Nursing

Advisor: Paul Lewis

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Abstract: Intimate Partner Violence is an epidemic that affects all of us. In prior years, studies on intimate partner violence have been focused around males as the perpetrators, but this is a bidirectional problem and research needs to be done by looking at the broader scale of concern. According to research, 58% of women between the ages of 17-44 have reported experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV). Among college aged people, between 17-39% report violence with their current or former partner. We will present to a community of sorority women the risks of becoming a victim, the risks for becoming a perpetrator and signs to look for in a relationship that may lead to or already be considered IPV. We will also provide local and domestic resources that can be used for victims of IPV. Our data is currently pending the results of our questionnaire and presentation, results will be updated accordingly.

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