Navigating Online Curriculum in Nursing School During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Derek Herman
Mason Wright
Lauren Ruehrwein
Lily Canterbury
Stephanie Sturm
Sydney Cotton
Mohammed Othman
Lori Catalano


By Derek Herman, Nursing; Mason Wright , Nursing; Lauren Ruehrwein, Nursing; Lily Canterbury, Nursing; Stephanie Sturm, Nursing; Sydney Cotton, Nursing; Mohammed Othman, University of Cincinnti

Advisor: Lori Catalano

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Abstract: Life grinded to a halt when the COVID-19 pandemic began, but nursing school and other essential services had to continue. Universities rapidly shifted from traditional learning methods to online lecture. Historically there have been many advantages to an online curriculum; however, the unprepared transition posed many disadvantages to traditional BSN students across the United States. This educational session aims to assist undergraduate nursing students adjust to online curriculum to make them more successful in their courses and clinical work. The design method utilizes a PowerPoint to provide teaching for the three topics: the importance of designated study places for online learning, the importance of sufficient internet connection, and the importance of interaction and collaboration (including breakout meetings and simulated online learning clinicals). This session was presented remotely via WebEx, due to current COVID restrictions. After obtaining our pre-test and post-test results, we expect to find that students will feel more confident and successful in navigating the online nursing curriculum and using that as a new benchmark for education after participating in our online learning teaching seminar. Overall, this feedback concluded that undergraduate nursing students feel more confident and prepared with the curriculum in person, but hopefully with these recommendations, increased support, and sufficient self-care, students can succeed while navigating nursing school online through the rest of the pandemic. As more teaching environments begin to take place virtually, this magnified knowledge on how to effectively learn online will provide a great foundation for the future.

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Category: Preparing and Sustaining Nursing Professionals