Identifying Coping Mechanisms to Reduce Burnout

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Emily Booth
Anna Scully
Megan Johnson
Lauren Turschak
Kaylie Hooker
Bailey Huffman
Kayley Evans
Mohammad Othman


By Emily Booth, Nursing--Nursing; Anna Scully , Nursing; Megan Johnson, Nursing; Lauren Turschak, Nursing; Kaylie Hooker, Nursing; Bailey Huffman, Nursing; Kayley Evans, Nursing

Advisor: Mohammad Othman

Awards: Presenter Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Presentation ID: 110

Abstract: High levels of burnout can be seen throughout the medical field, especially psychiatric nursing, due to high stress environments. The purpose of this education session was to educate psychiatric nurses about coping mechanisms to reduce nurse burnout and decrease work stress. A 20 minute presentation involving pre/post-tests was provided to nurses on the target unit. The presentation included information about the rate and signs of burnout within mental health nurses and coping mechanism training to include in their daily practice. Throughout the session, nurses were able to learn how to accurately and efficiently use the coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques. Participants completed a post test after the education session and were able to reach out with questions and comments about the session which showed interest and engagement. Results of the study are pending due to the education plan being scheduled for the 30th of March.

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Category: Preparing and Sustaining Nursing Professionals