Myth-busting the Baby Blues

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Amanda Evans
Olivia Hazel
Madison Duhl
Alexis Matala
Madison Lentz
Olivia Hazel
Paul Lewis
Mazie Kastner


By Amanda Evans, Nursing; Olivia Hazel, Nursing; Madison Duhl, Nursing; Alexis Matala, Nursing; Madison Lentz, Nursing; Olivia Hazel, Nursing; Paul Lewis, University of Cincinnti

Advisor: Mazie Kastner

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Abstract: Postpartum depression is one of the most common postpartum complications, occurring in 1 out of 8 postpartum women. It is associated with serious adverse outcomes for both the mother and the child and is more likely to worsen without treatment. Multiple screenings enable early identification and treatment of postpartum depression which is imperative to prevent postpartum depression from worsening and to improve patient outcomes. The purpose of this project is to teach nurses the benefits of multiple screenings for PPD and how multiple screenings are associated with improved patient outcomes. An education session was conducted, paired with a pamphlet and a post-learning questionnaire to nursing staff on the labor and delivery and mother-baby units. Upon completion of this project, the results will be reported.

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Category: Preparing and Sustaining Nursing Professionals