Patient Perception of Hospice Care Quality in Different settings

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Mahalia White
Anjanette Wells


By Mahalia White, Social Work

Advisor: Anjanette Wells

Awards: Project Advisor Award: Excellence in Research Mentoring

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Abstract: The main goal of hospice care is to do everything possible to ensure that the patients remain as comfortable as possible. Hospice care can be received in many different settings including homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. Based on prior research on hospice care quality, there are differences in every setting. The question that was researched was: how does the patient perception of hospice care quality differs depending on the location of care? The purpose of this study was to gain more information on patient perception of hospice care quality. Prior literature provides information on family and caregiver perceptions of hospice care quality however, information on patient perception is lacking. Preliminary data shows that 40% of participants said their care was excellent, 50% said their care was good, and 10% said it was okay. Of the 5 participants that said their care quality was good, 2 lived in a facility while the other 3 lived at home. Social workers could use this information to better their advocacy and the social justice to increase their ability to serve the hospice population. This study was a qualitative exploratory study. To ensure trustworthiness and credibility, triangulation of interviewers was used. The patients were gathered from my supervisor's caseload. There were 10 participants ranging from 61-90 years old. The data was collected by interviewing the participants and surveying them. This study had many limitations. The limitations range from changes in COVID-19 regulations, to a lack in reliable resources.

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