Understanding and Dissecting Common Mental Health Biases and Their Effect on Patient Outcomes

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Ellie Kuhlman
Haley Duening
Paige Gilliland
Kelly Byrne
Alexandra Unger
Rachel Seibert
Paul Lewis
Erin Barker


By Ellie Kuhlman, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Haley Duening , Nursing; Paige Gilliland, Nursing; Kelly Byrne, Nursing; Alexandra Unger, Nursing; Rachel Seibert , Nursing; Paul Lewis, University of Cincinnti

Advisor: Erin Barker

Awards: Presenter Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Presentation ID: 141

Abstract: Nearly 90% of people with mental illnesses claim that stigma and discrimination have a negative effect on their lives and more than half do not seek treatment due to these concerns. The purpose of this project is to inform nursing students of common biases nurses hold when caring for mental health patients and how these biases affect patient outcomes. We will conduct a 10 minute powerpoint presentation to educate undergraduate nursing students in a junior mental health course. We will discuss and dissect the topic of common mental health biases, analyze the effect they have on mental health patients, and evaluate interventions to reduce these biases. To assess the students' knowledge on mental health biases, a survey will be utilized before and after our education. The results of this study are pending. Conclusions are waiting to be drawn.

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