The Legacy of Christian R. Holmes: A New Hospital, Medical Education, and Ethical Implications in Cincinnati

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Lily Stewart
Cheli Reutter


By Lily Stewart, English (Rhetoric & Professional Writing and Literary & Cultural Studies)

Advisor: Cheli Reutter

Awards: Capstone Competition: Third Place Winner

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Abstract: Although many people are familiar with the UC Health System, few know much about one of the most important Cincinnati medical figures: Dr. Christian R. Holmes, the founder of the Cincinnati General Hospital. The creation of the hospital is a celebrated event, yet it had unintended consequences on Cincinnati medicine. This study examines the founding of the hospital and its effects on medical equity and education, specifically in the context of Cincinnati medical history. Results show that events in Cincinnati's medical history-specifically the segregation of the hospital and the development of narrow standards for medical education-have had lasting negative effects on medically underserved populations that continue to this day. It is recommended that medical decision-makers must take a holistic and thoughtful approach for improving community health, which is especially important during a serious health crisis, such as a pandemic.

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Category: Social (In)Justice