Assessing the Accuracy of Various Fitness Trackers during Different Physical Activities

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Trusha Patel
Laurel Lammrish
Sydney Hess
Ethan Eiselt
Aminderpal Singh
Danielle Goodman
Sophia Hamilton
Morgan King
Pujan Patel
Sydney Smith
Abigail Johnston
Jade Larkins
Jenna Lustenburger
Ryan Webb
Tristan Behling
Lauren Buse
Susan Kotowski


By Trusha Patel, Health Sciences; Lauren Buse, Health Sciences; Tristan Behling, Health Sciences; Ryan Webb, Health Sciences ; Jenna Lustenburger, Health Sciences ; Jade Larkins, Health Sciences ; Abigail Johnston, Health Sciences ; Sydney Smith, Health Sciences ; Pujan Patel, Health Sciences ; Morgan King, Health Sciences ; Sophia Hamilton, Health Sciences ; Danielle Goodman, Health Sciences ; Aminderpal Singh, Health Sciences ; Ethan Eiselt, Health Sciences ; Sydney Hess, Health Sciences ; Laurel Lammrish, Health Sciences

Advisor: Susan Kotowski

Presentation ID: 181

Abstract: The purpose of this project was to collect data and assess the accuracy of different fitness trackers by performing different physical activities using various fitness trackers.

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Category: Health and Well-Being