Field Experiment Testing Biochar's Effect on Plant Growth and Yields in Temperate Urban Soils

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Ashley Eagle
Olivia Marsh
David Dixon
Gabriel Ealy
Sarah Lewis
Teri Jacobs


By Ashley Eagle, Environmental Studies ; Olivia Marsh , Environmental Studies ; David Dixon, Environmental Studies ; Gabriel Ealy, Environmental Studies; Sarah Lewis, Environmental Studies

Advisor: Teri Jacobs

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Abstract: Biochar is an organic charcoal used as a soil amendment in nutrient poor, degraded soils. The enhancement of soil structure, water retention capacity, nutrients, and subsequent plant growth is crucial to achieve food security. The MAPA biochar data indicates biochar does not influence crop yields in rural, temperate climate zones and therefor does not support the hypothesis that the crops planted within the plot containing biochar and compost will have the greatest amount of growth and yield.​

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