The Pressure is Off: Improving Assessment Skills of Pressure Injuries

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Chloe Schwartz
Romie Suer
Jenna Wamack
Grace Combs
Jeanine Goodin


By Chloe Schwartz , Nursing; Romie Suer , Bachelors of Science in Nursing ; Jenna Wamack, Nursing; Grace Combs, Nursing

Advisor: Jeanine Goodin

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Abstract: Pressure injury occurrence developed in patients during hospitalization can increase length of stay and negatively impact health outcomes. A recent study done in 150 Korean hospitals found that the mortality rate in patients with pressure injuries was 2.81 times higher and the length of hospital stay in patients with a pressure injury was prolonged for 15.8 days on average compared with patients without a pressure injury. Based on the accumulation of current research on nurses caring for patients with pressure injuries, this project has created an educational presentation and tool (badge reel card) to assist in the improvement of knowledge of nurses on progressive care unit at Mercy Fairfield in an effort to improve their confidence of pressure injury assessment and following treatment plans designed by wound care teams. An educational PowerPoint was delivered to nurses on the PCU via email, along with a pre and post-test to assess prior and post knowledge, and a visual of the badge reel card created by our group. The results showed a 20% increase of nurses stating they felt more confident after receiving this education about the care and treatment of patients with pressure injury. There was 30% increase in overall confidence in the ability to identify different characteristics of pressure injuries. After providing the educational session, the nurses on this unit showed an overall increase in knowledge and confidence in the assessment of pressure injuries, as well as finding the badge reel helpful.

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