Virtual International Collaborative Experiential Program: Design of a Personal Learning Module for a Remote Area

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Catie Brutvan
Natalia Lui
Stephen Awuku
Cedrick Kwuimy


By Catie Brutvan, Areospace Engineering; Natalia Lui, Computer Eng; Stephen Awuku, Engineering Physics

Advisor: Cedrick Kwuimy

Presentation ID: 218

Abstract: A team of students from the University of Cincinnati and the University of Cape Coast in Ghana engaged in a Virtual International Collaborative Experiential Program (VICEP). The VICEP aims to develop students into global citizen scholars who will lead innovative efforts toward solving the world's complex problems. The problem considered here consists of applying the principle of matrix together with LEDs to design a display device called LED matrix display coupled with audio output. The purpose of this project is to build this device that will help kids learn alphabet, number, and words. The hardware is designed using Raspberry Pi, and the system is programmed using Python. The presentation will be discussed issues related to international collaboration, and design. It will also showcase for a demonstration of the functionally of the device.

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Category: Design Matters