Educating Undergraduate Nursing Students on the Consequences of Shift Work

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Musa Atallah
Miracle Vandevener
Journey Bond
Candace Sharp
Mohammad Othman


By Musa Atallah, Nursing; Miracle Vandevener, Nursing; Journey Bond, Nursing; Candace Sharp, Nursing

Advisor: Mohammad Othman

Awards: Presenter Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Presentation ID: 229

Abstract: All around the world nursing students are put through rigorous programs to help prepare them to become the best nurses they can be. However, many new graduate nurses are hired into different shift positions without being educated on the effects of shift work. The purpose of this project is to educate nursing students on the effects of shift work and help them identify ways to minimize those effects. An educational presentation was created that included the effects of shift work on one’s health and work performance, and ways to minimize them. This was presented to a group of 35 undergraduate nursing students during one of their learning community courses. The effectiveness of the educational presentation was measured by conducting a pre-and post-assessment that included a six Likert scale and four multiple-choice questions. There was an increase in the level of agreement in every Likert scale question and an increase in the percentage of correctness in every multiple choice question when comparing the pre-and post-tests. This concludes that the educational presentation was successful in increasing the level of knowledge of undergraduate nursing students when it came to the topic of shift work.

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Category: Preparing and Sustaining Nursing Professionals