Crosly's Concrete Conundrum

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Samuel Haga
Mohammed Fawwaaz
Gregory Bucks


By Samuel Haga, Mechanical Engineering; Mohammed Fawwaaz, Computer Engineering

Advisor: Gregory Bucks

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Abstract: Demolition, a subset of the larger construction industry, is a line of work which responds directly to the consumer market as dictated by project costs. Recent trends in both government policy and individual awareness have led to an increasingly large subset of demolition focused on sustainability and reuse of demolished materials. Although there exists a positive national trend, the extent to which these deconstruction methods are employed vary widely from region to region as local consumer markets dictate. The Ohio River Valley Region represents a more flexible market with both traditional and sustainable demolition practices. Therefore, as the University of Cincinnati considers the demolition of Crosley Tower, a large cast-in-place concrete structure housing biology and chemistry labs, our research team sought to determine the best deconstruction method by means of cost-benefit analysis through a literature case study, interviews with experts, and a campus population survey to ultimately decide if sustainable demolition is right for Crosley Tower and the university.

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Category: Design Matters