Virtual International Collaborative Experiential Program: Design of a Personal Weather Station for a Remote Area

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Madilyn Coulson
Selam Jemaneh
Peter Abban
Cedrick Kwuimy


By Madilyn Coulson, Electrical Engineering; Selam Jemaneh, Engineering Physics; Peter Abban, Engineering Physics

Advisor: Cedrick Kwuimy

Presentation ID: 234

Abstract: A team of engineers from Bahir Dar, Cape Coast and Cincinnati engaged in a Virtual International Collaborative Experiential Program to design a personal weather station. In a hostile environment, the device will be used as a weather station that determines if the surrounding air is safe for humans (air quality, temperature, humidity level and noise level). The hardware is designed using Raspberry Pi, and the system is programmed using Python. The presentation will be discussed issues related to international collaboration, and design. It will also showcase for a demonstration of the functionally of the device.

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Category: Design Matters