Do Park Characteristics Correlate with User Physical Fitness? An Assessment in the City of Cincinnati

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Grace Burgner
Lindsay Thornton
Hailie Norvell
Emma Meyer
Dublyn Litke
Riley Gruenbaum
Katelyn Dickson
Amarah Chaudhry
Aaron Carrol
Susan Kotowski


By Grace Burgner, Health Sciences ; Aaron Carrol, Health Sciences ; Amarah Chaudhry, Health Sciences; Katelyn Dickson, Health Sciences ; Riley Gruenbaum, Health Sciences ; Dublyn Litke, Health Sciences ; Emma Meyer, Health Sciences ; Hailie Norvell, Health Sciences ; Lindsay Thornton, Health Sciences

Advisor: Susan Kotowski

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Abstract: The purpose of this study was three-fold: 1. To take an inventory of the parks under the jurisdiction of the City of Cincinnati in terms location, size, characteristics (e.g. play equipment, water features, green space, etc.) via an observational assessment, 2. Utilizing a survey, determine which parks residents of the Cincinnati area visit most, what factors influence their decision to visit these parks, and their perceived level of physical fitness, and 3. To determine if there is a relationship between the physical of park users and park characteristics.

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Category: Health and Well-Being