Does Listening to Music Impact Performance of Physical Activities and is it Affected by Genre and Preference?

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Kaylie Anstead
Jessica Bean
Khushali Dalal
Susan Kotowski


By Kaylie Anstead, Health Sciences; Jessica Bean, Health Sciences; Khushali Dalal, Health Sciences

Advisor: Susan Kotowski

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Abstract: Individuals are always looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their workouts, and listening to music may be one way of doing so. The purpose of this study was to determine whether listening to music increases performance during various physical tasks such as running, doing sit-ups, or doing bench presses. Participants completed three different trials of each activity while not listening to music, while listening to music in their favorite genre, and while listening to music in their least favorite genre. Number of repetitions completed was recorded for the bench press and sit-ups, while time to complete one mile was recorded for running. Heart rate and a rating of perceived exertion were recorded for all trials.

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