Comparing the Effects of Various Fertilizers on the Germination Rates of Various Herb Species

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Taylor Simkins
Susanna Tong


By Taylor Simkins, Environmental Studies

Advisor: Susanna Tong

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Abstract: There is little published research on growing indoor plants. Homeowners want to know how various fertilizers will affect herb species, as well as the best germination method. In this study, we will compare the individual effects of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus fertilizer on the germination stages of oregano, parsley, basil, and sage in an indoor setting. Germination was conducted in two parts: one part with seeds in homemade germination trays and the other part includes planting seeds directly into pots. We additionally compared grow lights versus natural window lighting, application of fertilizer in rock form versus diluted with water, and compost versus soil bedding. The focus of the study is to examine these different aspects of indoor gardening with the aim to educate homeowners of the best practice to pursue when growing indoor herbs. At the conclusion of the study, we discovered the different preferences of germination setting for each of the herb species.

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