Understanding the Concepts of Academic Resiliency and Achievement for Youth in Foster Care

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Lauren Bauer
Anjanette Wells


By Lauren Bauer, Social Work

Advisor: Anjanette Wells

Awards: Project Advisor Award: Excellence in Research Mentoring

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Abstract: There are many challenges for children in the welfare system. One of the more prevalent challenges is the presence of the educational gap. In terms of academic achievement, it is often more accessible to those children who are not in or have been involved with the child welfare system. Despite what impacts that achievement there is the concept of academic resiliency. This exploratory qualitative study seeks to understand the relationship between academic resiliency and achievement and how that corresponds to youth in foster care. With ethical considerations those who participated in the study are directly involved with foster youth and the ongoings of the welfare system. Participates are expected to answer a series of questions pertaining personal experience and direct involvement. Using a thematic analysis to understand the data much of what was found was based on relationships for youth and the impact of trauma. These two concepts are consistent with similar literature pertaining to child within the welfare system and academic achievement.

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Category: Teaching and Learning