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Miranda Borden
Alyssa Eckman
Elizabeth Zerhusen
Jasmine Gibson
Donna Green


By Miranda Borden, Nursing; Alyssa Eckman, Nursing; Elizabeth Zerhusen, Nursing; Jasmine Gibson, Nursing

Advisor: Donna Green

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Abstract: Would you have recognized changes if someone had not pointed out what to look for? The Center for Disease Control estimates that 10-15% of all new mothers experience postpartum depression (PPD). Many cases of postpartum depression are not recognized until the mothers are experiencing severe symptoms; we want to change that. Studies have suggested that postpartum depression in mothers of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) admittees can be as common as 50%. This puts NICU nurses in the unique position to help a significant number of mothers who may experience PPD find help before reaching severe symptoms, and yet occupational education on PPD appears to be limited for NICU nurses. We intend to develop a supplemental education module to present to these nurses, as well as send a pre- and post-survey based on our teaching to see if anything has improved and what improved. We have unidentified conclusions and findings at this point in time.

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Category: Preparing and Sustaining Nursing Professionals