Trauma-Competent Care and Trust-Based Relational Interventions and their Impact on Student's Behavior and Academics

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Geneva Jean-Louis
Anjanette Wells


By Geneva Jean-Louis, Social Work

Advisor: Anjanette Wells

Awards: Project Advisor Award: Excellence in Research Mentoring

Presentation ID: 298

Abstract: Trauma-Competent Care (TCC) and Trust-Based Relational Interventions (TBRI) are two intervention techniques that have been used to assist in classroom management and positive change in the behavior and academic performance, of children and adolescents. Students who have experienced trauma are likely to develop reactions that make it challenging to function and be successful in a classroom setting. The sample size of the study five children who display trauma reactions, receiving services at Back2Back Cincinnati. Interviews and charts were used to track the behavioral progress of the individuals, after implementing TCC and TBRI intervention techniques. Results show that the implementation of TCC and TBRI intervention techniques had a positive impact on the behavior of the participants, and the conducted interview reported an improvement in behavior.

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Category: Teaching and Learning