Sensor Generation with Python

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Cullen McComb
Pietro Strobbia


By Cullen McComb, Chemistry

Advisor: Pietro Strobbia

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Abstract: Detecting sickness has been an issue for all of human history, but possibly none so prevalent as it is now. The purpose of developing new sensors for viral infection is clear, we need to be faster and we need to be more accurate. Current testing methods take far too much time or are not accurate enough to detect early stages leading to greater rates of infection. In my research I have been designing a program that will assist in the creation of new sensors to be used to detect the presence of a given virus. I created the program in python and it will take a given virus' RNA and create a sensor that can detect it. Through the process of design my simulation was compared to accepted resources and the results were accurate within reason. What this would allow us to do is to quickly begin testing a viral sensor moving forward and possibly increase the detectability of a given virus before its infection rate can get out of control

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