Breastfeeding Education An Individualized Nursing Approach

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Anna Fletcher
Emma Jones
Taylor Dorrington
Caroline Morrison


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Type: Poster Presentation (in-person)

Advisor: Caroline Morrison

Abstract: Breastfeeding is strongly encouraged in the hospital setting through the Baby Friendly Initiative. According to the World Health Organization, breastfed infants have an increase in their overall health. The Baby Friendly Initiative is the current policy to attempt to reach the World Health Organization's goals of at least six months of breastfeeding post-birth. Unfortunately, the CDC statistics show that goals for breastfeeding are not being met. Studies show that only 14.6% of mothers agreed that methods of breastfeeding promotion and education are currently excellent. Our purpose is to understand the literature on individualized breastfeeding education programs in order to enhance nurses' knowledge and the utilization of these techniques in their current practice. The question for this project is, how does educating nurses on breastfeeding techniques change nurses knowledge and comfort levels. We will inform nurses by presenting education techniques through a PowerPoint presentation, video media, and handout to engage different types of learners. Our results are pending, but we anticipate outcomes that reveal an increase in confidence to teach breastfeeding education. By educating nurses on individualized breastfeeding techniques, we hope to increase the number of infants that are breastfed.

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Anna Fletcher, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Nursing

Emma Jones, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Nursing

Taylor Dorrington, University of Cincinnati

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