Extended Reality 3D Model Application in Space Exploration and Planetary Habitation

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Mikhail Nikolaenko
Ming Tang


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Mentorship Award: Excellence in Research Mentoring

Presenter Award: Excellence in Research Communication

Type: Poster Presentation (in-person)

Advisor: Ming Tang

Abstract: This project incorporates the use of data science, astronomy, and VR to create a visually interactive learning tool for students, academics, enthusiasts, and professionals alike to learn about areas of space exploration that will be easily accessible to anyone with a VR device such as an Oculus Quest 2. The application will include an accurate mapping of different celestial bodies such as planets and stars, and the model will be fully interactable through functions such as scaling, time manipulation, and highlighting. The uses of this application range from basic elementary applications (e.g. learning about our solar system in astronomy courses) to astronomical data research (e.g. viewing spectra of celestial objects found by Gaia). 

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Category: Digital Futures
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Mikhail Nikolaenko, University of Cincinnati

Major(s): Computer Science