Educating Inpatient Nursing Staff on De-escalation Techniques to Reduce Seclusion and Restraints

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Garrett Clifford
Paige Loveless
Haellee Keener
Paul Lewis


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Student Major: Nursing and Business Admin

Project Advisor: Paul Lewis

Abstract: The use of seclusion and restraint in psychiatric inpatient facilities is a highly controversial topic, and there is an urgent need to educate healthcare professionals on effective strategies to reduce their use and promote safe and therapeutic environments for patients. The aim of this project is to educate inpatient staff on alternative measures and implementation of training programs to decrease coercive measures and improve patient outcomes. This aids in determining whether the use of de-escalation techniques and educational interventions is beneficial in reducing the number of patients put into seclusion or restraints on each unit. We looked at this by utilizing systematic reviews and scholarly articles related to research from the past five years and turning our findings into an educational opportunity for current inpatient staff at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Ridgeway Psychiatric unit. The outcome of the educational session will allow inpatient staff to gain knowledge of different de-escalation techniques and how to implement them to improve patient outcomes. A pre and post-test will be administered to analyze the audience's learning after viewing an educational lecture. The outcome of the education will help reduce inpatient seclusion and restraints and improve staff education. As a result, the implementation of de-escalation tactics/techniques and educational programs will lead to reduced coercion and better patient outcomes.

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Garrett Clifford

Student Major: Nursing and Business Admin.


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