Synthesis and Analysis of Biologically-Inspired Photoactive Metal Complexes

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Ashlyn Williams


Record ID: 66

Award(s): Excellence in Research Communication

Student Major: Chemistry and Biology

Project Advisor: Michael Baldwin

Abstract: Microorganisms, such as bacteria or fungi, use iron-chelating molecules known as siderophores to uptake iron from the environment to use in important biochemical processes. Some of these iron-binding molecules exhibit photoactive properties, meaning that they are capable of reacting to light, due to oxidation/reduction reactions that occur. To mimic the functional group in siderophores, we synthesize alpha-hydroxy acids to use as the ligand for our metal complexes. In our research, we are exploring other metal ions, not just iron, that can be used for these reactions and expanding on applications for these molecules due to their photoactive properties.

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Category: Sensing, Perception, & Sensor Technology
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Ashlyn Williams

Major: Chemistry and Biology