Health Education to Promote Healthy Eating for Very Young Children in Underserved Communities Using Storyboarding to Access Children's Voices and Knowledge

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Sachi Shukla
Hailey Vargo
Laura Nabors


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Student Major: Neuroscience; Liberal Arts

Project Advisor: Laura Nabors

Abstract: Young children residing in low-income communities require access to educational programming to improve their health knowledge and overcome health disparities. Educational programming tailored to the unique needs of these children is especially important, considering they may not have the resources and exposure to healthy eating habits and lifestyles. The purpose of this project was to analyze the impact of Healthy Bearcats, an after-school program for young children residing in low-income urban areas in Cincinnati. This program followed the Children's Healthy Eating and Exercise (CHEE) Program, where children learned about MyPlate ( and the Traffic Light Diet (Epstein, 2005), as well as the importance of eating fewer unhealthy snacks, more healthy snacks and lunches, and exercising at home. Program evaluation data were obtained using a "Read-All-About-It" technique, which allowed children to provide information through narratives and drawing. Eighteen children participated in the pre-intervention evaluation (10 females, 8 males). Twenty children participated in the post-program evaluation (10 females, 10 males). All of the children were African American. To analyze the data, two coders independently identified and verified themes in the data. The number of healthy foods identified in the stories and demographic information were analyzed using SPSS. The outcomes of this study were that, after Healthy Bearcats, children were able to identify and list a greater variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy activities. The results from this study indicated that quality educational programming may be helpful in introducing young children from low-income communities to a variety of healthy foods and activities. 



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Sachi Shukla

Major: Neuroscience; Liberal Arts


Hailey Vargo

Major: Public Health